Chemical specialties, antifoam agents, tensoactive agents, dispersants, lubricants.

  Incorporated in 1980, QUIDECO, C.A. has held an outstanding position in the market of organic chemical auxiliary products (Performance Chemicals). The company has proven excellent capabilities to solve practical chemical problems in the manufacturing of biodegradable organic chemical auxiliaries and the application of these chemicals to the manufacturing processes of its clients, such as the development of new products and the substitution of products.

President: Ronaldo Frendin.

The manufacturing of organic chemical specialties using batch processes grants flexibility to the operations of QUIDECO, C.A., allowing the production of a wide variety of chemical products with very high quality standards and guaranteed delivery deadlines for the customers.

Additionally, QUIDECO, C.A. has its own Research and Development Laboratory, for the production of new products in miniature scale (2 to 4 liters). This allows the company to conduct its own research and development to answer the production problems of its clients.The main chemical specialties offered by QUIDECO, C.A. are:

  • Emulsioning agents for pesticide production. Series QUIDEMUL, PROPAMUL, soluble oils (drill lubricants), non polar solvents and micro emulsions.

  • Lubricants. Additives for copper wire-drawing, COPERLUB series, aluminum hot and cold rolling, two piece aluminum lathes, drill lubricants, biodegradable micro emulsions.

  • Dispersants. QUIDESPERSE series, for all kinds of application.

  • Antifoam agents. FOAMKILL series, for all applications in aqueous environment.

  • Anionic and non-ionic tensoactive agents. QUIDEWET series, for all applications, esters, sulfanates, sulfated agents, amides, liquid soaps.

  • Chemical products for the oil industry. Additives for oil well cementing, drilling and fracturing muds, surfactants, emulsioning agents, dispersants, antifoam agents, corrosion inhibitors, detergents, foaming agents, viscosity modifiers, emulsion breaking agents, flocculants and bactericides.

  • All products are shipped in drums with 200 kilograms. Minimum order: 5 TM. Maximum order: 100 TM.

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